Whistle-Blowing Policy

The Public interest Disclosure Act 1998 protects employees who ‘blow the whistle’ about wrong doing/malpractice. It applies where an employee has a reasonable belief that their disclosure tends to show one or more of the following offences or beaches:
-A Criminal Offence
-A Breach of Legal Obligation
-A miscarriage of Justice
-A Danger to the health and safety of any individual
-Damage to the environment
-Deliberate covering up of information tending to show any of the above.
Sunflowers day nursery requires all staff to understand their Duty and importance of Speaking  out (Whistle-Blowing) if they are concerned or have reason to believe one of the above incidents have occurred.
Staff members should be confident in speaking frankly about their concerns to the managers, Social care, or to the police depending on circumstances or indeed if the concern relates to the managers to social care or the police.
Employees disclosures will be managed sensitively and confidentially and where possible will allow the Whistle-blower to remain anonymous as the situation allows with mind to rectify the issue promptly.
Disclosure will be-
-Discussed and recorded, dated and signed (where appropriate).
-The disclosure will be passed on to other relevant agencies such as social care or the police.
-Action’s from the disclosure will be recorded and monitored, outcomes will be noted.
-Other steps maybe required depending on the nature of the disclosure.
The management team will ensure Whistle-blowers will not relieve less favourable treatment because of their disclosure
And will not face disciplinary
All actions in respect of disclosures will be made in good faith.