Ofsted Reports 

Ofsted 2024

‘Children receive a warm welcome when they arrive at this nurturing and inclusive nursery.’
‘Staff respond quickly to children's needs, providing support or reassurance. As a result, children feel happy, confident and safe to explore the setting.’
‘The managers have developed their curriculum to provide a wide range of experiences.’
‘The experienced special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) works with the rest of the team to identify when children may need extra support. She trains staff to use different strategies with particular children to help them access the same education as their peers.’
‘Staff support children to manage their emotions exceptionally well.’
‘Staff consistently teach children how to share and take turns. As a result, children behave well and show respect for themselves and others.’

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Ofsted 2018

'Staff are friendly and approachable. Children build particularly beneficial relationships with their key persons. They really enjoy their company and their time at the nursery.'

'The managers continually strive to improve the nursery. They regularly evaluate the nursery's practice and have a clear action plan, which leads the ongoing development of the quality of the provision.'

'Staff support children's development well through a combination of planned activities and by providing a stimulating environment. Children are motivated to explore, they confidently make choices in their play and make good progress.'

'Staff set up the all-weather playground effectively. Babies and children are inspired to be active in the fresh air.'

'Children's literacy skills develop well. For example, they readily explore books and eagerly snuggle in with staff to enjoy a story. '

'Children and babies are interested and motivated to learn and explore, and gain the key skills they need to start school successfully.'

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Parent Feedback

'Good Variety of hot meals'

'I feel my child’s confidence and self-esteem has grown and matured during his time at Nursery'

'I am certainly going to miss coming after almost 8 years, you have a lovely group of staff'

'The level of safety in my opinion is very high as I know the password system is secure'

'It is a well maintained building and gardens which is nice for the children at all times'

'Everyone has made time for a little chat, whether it's just to check they've been ok or to mention a quick something, I have never felt rushed, such caring people.'

'My Girls love the food at nursery, I never worry that they aren't having a good varied diet'

'The bond the Nursery staff have with all the children is amazing and the reassurance given if your little one goes in sad'

'Nursery always feels happy, calm and child focussed, exactly how I would choose it to be'